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Full technical specificationsFull technical characteristics

1 Introduction

1.1 General Description

This document describes the specifications of MultiMatch release 2.0. It outlines the functionality of the system and its business rules.

MultiMatch system (MM) allows end-users to search for services through a browser-based interface via the Internet. 

Each search type is referred to as service type.

MM supports three models for payments:

 Matching – used for matching (like dating, recruiting) services. The user pays to view contact information. Searching and posting a personal card are free.

 Advertising – used for advertising where a merchant pays to add his card. Searching is free.

 Publishing – everything is free. Used for showing product catalogs

The document refers to user as male for short but user refers both to male and female.

1.1 Terminology

MM uses the following terminology:

Guest – a web user that is not logged on

Member – a logged in user

User – either guest or member


Card – service card

Profile – personal information (user profile)

Account – both the profile and card(s) of a specific user


1.2 Functionality

MM Provides functionality to support the following end-user activities:

 Quick search for services which use just the basic search parameters of service type and geographical location.

 Advanced search for services which use many search parameters to narrow the search results.

 Browse search results. The user is able to see search results which are a list of matching registered members. The list shows a short summary with optional picture and links to the personal cards.

 View personal card. The user views the personal card of other member which matched the search criteria’s. For a matching type service, all card details are presented except for the contact information (last name, email and optional phone number(s)). These are presented to paying users only.

 Register as a member in the system. The registration process assigns a username and password to enable users to login into the system. As part of this process the user may creates a personal card with contact information, job preference, experience, children details and personal description. For an advertisement type service, the user creates a card and pays to activate it.

 Login into the system. The user provides username and password and after been verified, he is logged in as a member. Any user may perform searches but only logged-in paying users may see contact details. A member can have a personal card. Members can update their personal card.

 Update personal card. A member may update or remove his personal card(s).

 Purchase subscription or points. A member may purchase a subscription, which is time period based, or points, which are per use. The payment is using credit or debit cards.

 View general information content. MM provides several general purpose related content such as:

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

About Us – General information about the site and how to contact it.

Advertisements – Targeted advertisement

Links – links to other related partner sites

Success stories – users comments and articles about MM

Content – Related content such as articles, links etc.

Privacy policy – How personal details are handled.

Site regulations – Site rules


The MM system supports multilingual operation.


The various users of the system are:

 Guest – a web user that did not create a login account in MM

 Member – A user that have created a login profile


As mentioned, the term user refers to anyone of the above user types.

The following tables summaries the functionality available to each type:





Quick Search



Advanced Search






View Card

Ok – without contact details

Ok – contact details are visible if has subscription or use points.


Ok - Create personal card is optional.

Not available (already registered)


Not available


Create/Update card

Not available

Ok  - Payment involved if advertising service


Not available


General info




2 Searching

2.1 Quick Search

The MM system provides quick search functionality. It has the following search parameters:

 Service type – “Family looking for nanny” or “Nanny looking for family”. It will default to “Family looking for nanny” and will not have an empty option.


Country – Defaulted to the pre-defined country or All.

State – For USA only or counties in another country.

City – Based on the country and changes when selecting new country.

MM searchs for all matching active service cards and display results list.


2.2 Advanced Search

MM provides an advanced search capability to allow users to narrow their search results. The user is able to specify values for each search field. Searched card gets a ranking based on their match. If all fields match, the ranking is 100%, If 4 fields out of 5 match, than the ranking is 80%.

Each search criteria has a default empty or “All” option.

Advance search has searchable fields from:

 Common searchable fields for all services

 Searchable fields from the selected service


User may filter the search using the following filters:

 If the searched card has a photo

 If the geographic location of the searched card is within a certain radius

 If the card was created in the last X days.


MM searches for all matching active service cards and display sorted results list.


2.3 Browsing results

After a search, MM displays a result list. The system displays several key parameters for each matching member. The display also contains a photo or photos (unlimited) of that card.

There are N matching users per page (configurable). MM shows the following:

 Page X out of Y pages

 Jump to page (drop down box)

 Next/Prev as needed

The result list records are sorted by match ranking and date, starting with the most recent and higher matching.

The user is able click on a specific result entry and view the personal card of that user.

2.4 Viewing personal card

MM displays the personal card of the requested user. The display includes all the user details including photos.

Contact details of email address or phone are displayed only to users who have active subscription. There is a button to enable a user with points to use N points and see the contact details of this card (N is the tariff for this service). In such a case the system refreshs the display with contact details revealed.

The user is able to print the card.

3 User Registration

3.1 General

Registration to MM enables the user to have an account in the system and purchase subscription or points. Registration is free.

User selects a username and password as part of the registration process. These allow him to login to the system. As a registered user he is able to purchase subscriptions or points and use them to view the contact details of other members. A registered user is also able to create/update his personal card(s).

3.1.1 Entering Account Details

User enters just the basic parameters of username, password, name and email and phone(s). MM verifies that the username is unique and creates an account for the new user. It also sends a confirmation email to the user with a link to the site.

User must provide either an email address or a phone number (or both).

3.2 Account Details

 Username – 5 to 20 characters. Must be unique in the system otherwise user receives an error message. It is a mandatory field

 Password – 5 to 20 characters. It is a mandatory field

 Password again – 5 to 20 characters. It is a mandatory field and it must match the Password field, otherwise user receives an error message.


 First Name – up to 50 characters. Mandatory field. The first name is shown for everybody using the site.

 Last Name - up to 50 characters.

 Email address – up to 200 characters. Mandatory field.

 Main phone – up to 50 characters.

 Other phone– up to 50 characters.

1 Service Registration

1.1.1 Creating Service Card

This is an optional phase. User selects a specific service type (such as a man looking for a woman) and enters the service details. Each service type form can be unique. Member may have none, one or more service cards.

1.2 Common fields to all services

1.2.1 Searchable fields

 Service type – mandatory. Derived from the service card selection

 Start date – card creation date

 Language code – what is the card language



1.2.2 Non-searchable fields


These fields are presented as part of the card but cannot be used for a search.

 Last updated date


Member may have up to four photos:

 One main photo that is displayed in the search result screen

 Other photos (like references, more photos etc.)


1.3 Details various services

See information for a sample detailed description of a service and its field.

2 Login

Login is the process when a user enters his username and password and click on the login button. MM verifies that this user/password combination is valid and displays a welcome message with the user name.

If there is no such user or the password is not correct, MM shows a corresponding error message.

There is a “Forgot password” function where the system sends an email with the username and password to the email address for that user.

After Login the user is referred as a member. As such he may create/update his personal card or purchase subscription or points.


3 Update cards

MM treats creating a card and updating exiting card the same way.

System shows a page with the account details and all the user service cards.

System shows for each card a form with all the input elements. If it is an existing card, the input elements reflect the current information.

All account details are available to change, except the usrname field.

For service cards the system has the following buttons next to each card:

 Preview button to allow viewing the card as others will see it.

 Update button. This saves the card into the database and reset its inactivity timeout.

 Remove button to delete this card.



4 Payments

4.1 General

There are two basic types of paid services that MM provides. One is a “matching” type and the other is an “advertising” type used for advertising products/services. After every transaction, MM sends an email (based on template) with a numbered receipt and all the details to the email address of the payer.

4.2 Matching Service payments

In a service of type “matching” - The actual service that a user can purchase is the right to view contact details of other members. Contact details are the email address, last name and phone numbers in the personal card.

The MM member for such a service may use one of the following payment schemes:

 Subscription - The subscription is time based scheme. It is for a period of one month, three months etc. Every period has a fixed price. During this period, a member has unlimited contact details view of all “matching” type services.

 Points – The points scheme allows the member to purchase points and have them in his “points bank”. Every service has a tariff of how many points are required for getting the contact details. The user buys points in bulks (30, 50, 100) and uses them to unveil the contact details of a specific card (e.g. view the contact details of a nanny costs 5 points).
The points system supports the simpler approach: Every usage costs one point, every point cost X money.

4.3 Advertising Service payments

In a service of type “advertising” – The user pays to add a new card or renew an existing card for a certain period of time.

The MM member for such a service may use the following payment scheme:

 Payment - The user pays in the local currency for a period of time (7, 30, 90 days).



5 Background processes

5.1 Disable inactive service cards

MM disables a card that his user did not logon for a certain period of time (such as a a month). MM sends an email to the member, one week before expiration to let him know.

The member needs to login to the site to renrew his card(s).

5.2 Notify users before subscription expiration

MM sends a notification email one week before the expiration of a subscription.



6 General information

MultiMatch includes a content area.

This area is has static part and dynamic part. Static part has:

 FAQ – Frequently asked questions

 About Us – General information about MM and how to contact it.

 Advertisements – Targeted advertisement

 Success stories



Dynamic part has:

 Forums – Simple to use yet quick and powerfull system that supports unlimited number of forums.

 Chat – Chat system with public and private rooms.


Other functionalities include:

Advertisements engine – Include sophisticated advertisement system that will allow targeted ads based on geographical area, type of service etc.


7 Planned enhancements for future releases


There are several possible enhancements to the MM system. They are listed here with no specific priority. They will be included in future releases of MM.

 Save previous searches – Save the last search or several past searches.

 Black list – to whom not to show my card by crietrias

 Smart agent (hunter) - Send emails when there are new candidates registered based on a saved search

 Add option to print/email the main screen area in all pages







8 Service Card Sample “Family looking for Nanny” details


This is an example of how to design a card. The designer can have unlimited number of fields with various types and sizes.

General parameters:









Family looking for a Nanny



1 point



Possible field types are:

S – String

I – Select one of the valid values. Default is the first one.

M – Multi valid values (select many)


Field name








“ “,1,2,3,4+





“ “, Babies, Kindergarten, Pre-school, school, high school





“ “, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Other





“ “, Secular, Traditional, Religious





“ “, Full, Part time, Other





“ “, Up to 3 months, Up to a year, More than a year





“ “, Immediate, Up to a month, Jan,Feb,Mar,Apr,May,Jun,Jul,Aug,Sep,Oct,Nov,Dec










Free text, 5 lines of 40 characters





“ “, Cleaning, Cooking, Ironing,





“ “, Has a car, Has a license





“ “, Yes, No, Sometimes





“ “, Yes, No, Other





“ “, Yes, No, Other





“ “, Kids house, Nanny’s house, Other





Free text, one line of 40 characters





Free text, 5 lines of 40 characters